About us

Primal describes essential or basic, like the primal urge to protect yourself and your family from harm. Primalcare believes in taking care of our loves one in an all-round, complete and comprehensive ways. In every single aspect of life, from what we eat, touch, smell and see! With the devastation of pandemics (COVID-19) and conceivably changing the way we live. The popularity of biodegradable, green or eco-friendly shall be intensified.

Disinfectants and disinfectant cleaning products are formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi on non-living surfaces. All-purpose cleaners will remove dirt, grime and grease from surfaces but will not kill many of the germs that can cause illness and disease.

Choosing a biodegradable cleaner is especially important for products that are rinsed down home drains and sewers, because they eventually impact our oceans and waterways. However, biodegradable products with eco-friendly claims do not guarantee a low toxicity. Some chemicals known to rapidly biodegrade have also been identified as carcinogens and other toxicants. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, green products can protect our health.

At Primalcare, botanical is our priority.